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The pains of not being an English Major

Of course we all know that everyone in college has to take a basic English class, and a writing intensive course, but then what do you do later after you finish those requirements? Well if you’re like me you need to fulfill 3 credits in some type of way, that also fits into the busy schedule that you have, so I picked an English class that can’t be too hard can it?

Well in comparison to my required classes of science and math, no it’s not as hard, but it has its downfall for us non English minded folk. I enjoy taking lit classes because I like being forced to read different novels and books that I would not have chosen otherwise, but when it comes to me doing an analysis I would pick me last on the kickball team. I always have my opinion on what I read it as, but in the end I seem to always have the wrong opinion. How that is possible I will never understand because I thought an opinion was an opinion… is it not?

Also as a person of math and science I’m not the best writer (I don’t know if you can tell by this post), but I’m always getting better! Writing 5 page papers to me is a fate worse than death, anything longer than that… I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. Sometimes even a one pager paper is difficult because those are always the ones where you have to make comparisons, or look deeply in the meaning, or throw the book into flames without catching it on fire. Okay… that last one might be a little bit hyperbole, but you get my point of doing things to me that are really hard or close to impossible.

Of course I recommend people who are like me to take more English classes just to get comfortable of thinking out of the box and looking deeper into what is going with what they’re reading. Also to work on writing is pretty important too. To me those are the pains of not being an English major in a higher level English course, but I will always try to do my best

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