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The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is such an amazing, amazing book. With all the hype that is going on with the movie, it was on my list of must reads. Also every last one of my friends who has read the book has absolutely loved it as well.  In The Hunger Games North America has been ruined through war and other causes and from it a new era and nation was made. From it 13 Districts and a Capitol were made, each district were given a different specialty to produce goods for the Capitol. Through the unfairness of the Capitol, District 13 decided to rebel against the Capitol. It is because of this rebellion that District 13 was destroyed and the Hunger Games were created. The Hunger Games were created to show the rest of the districts that the Capitol is in charge of their lives. Every year 2 children from age 12 – 18 have their names put into a drawing to be apart of them. One male, and one female will be chosen and are made to fight to the death of the last child for the whole nation to see. From these Hunger Games, Prim and Peeta were chosen from District 12, but Katniss Everdeen was not going to allow her little sister to fight to the death, and she volunteered as tribute.

It is because of these events Katniss and Peeta are taken away from their family and are forced to go to the Capitol and be nothing but a show for them. Luckily for them though they have a wonderful team who is able to gain the Capitol’s attention through their fiery wardrobe that Katniss’ fast friend, Cinna made for them. Through some stories of untold love, volunteering your life for the ones you love, and doing some very unexpected things that may or may not insight a rebellion. Katniss and Peeta enter into the ring where they literally have to fight to the death against 22 other kids like them.

I’m trying not to give a lot of the story away because it is an amazing story written by Suzanne Collins, I can see how it has taken the world by storm. I loved reading this story so much that it only took me a day to do so. I highly recommend reading this book, and I’m even going to the movie on Friday after my exams that is hahaha. Look for a post from me about the second and third books!!!!
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