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Movies…the visual’s book

never judge a book by movie

Not only do I love books, but I love movies as well. Especially books that have been turned into movies. I love to see exactly, or almost exactly, what the author had intended for his or her characters. What they looked like, how they move and how they react to different things.

Movies to me are similar to books in that they let you escape to a different place. You know you’re in a movie theater or on your couch, but for those 2 hours you are apart of that movie and what those characters are going through. What I like about books instead is that I can make up what the characters look like, and they affect me differently because it’s how I see the characters. Also I can put down the book when I don’t have time to read it. Unlike a movie I need to make sure that I have enough time to see it all or I get anxious about not seeing the whole thing.
What I always like to do is to attempt to read the book before I see the movie, especially if I was somehow unaware that there is a book. If I’ve read the book then sometimes I try to reread it, but that can be asking a little too much.
If you’ve noticed, if I have read the book and seen the movie I try to do a side by side post about it, so look out for those, and let me know what books I need to read, or what movies I need to see. Netflix and I are good friends!
Most of all though I have seen so many movie and plan on seeing so many more. Like The Hobbit, Life of Pi, and of course James Bond. Now that exams are over I might actually get to do that, and sit in my bed and read some books. Look out for my posts!
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