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Good Grief

So of course we know the most stressful part of any person in school’s life is finals week. Teachers and parents a like try and tell you that it’s just a review of what you learned during the school year, but that kind of logic makes no sense to us at the time. Instead we stay up late, do all nighters (mmm not me), mainline caffeine (that’s more my style), and possibly have a couple of panic attacks just to get through the exam. Then afterwards, we walk out of their with different opinions.

The Show Off: “Oh, that was so easy, I don’t even know why I studied”
The Relief: “Oh my goodness I’m so glad that’s over with I thought I was going to lose it!”
The Caffeine Addict: “During the whole exam I couldn’t stop twitching, thank goodness that’s over with so I can go to bed”
The Alcoholic: “So who’s ready to hit the bar”
And so on and so forth, there are so many types of people at the end of the exam, but at the beginning we’re in the same boat. Missing notes, can’t find handouts, don’t remember the hundreds of page numbers you had to learn and you continue to ask yourself, “Why did I pick this major?!”
In my major our lives are a little different. Yes, we have exams, but also have clinical hours. Now no we’re not nurses, we’re not pharmacists, and we’re not doctors, we’re training to be paramedics, so that means our clinical hours are a little different.
They can happen at any 24 hours time period of the day, any day of the week including weekends, and if they’re not done they can take over your holidays. You also have to see patients and interact with them as well. of course we all love this program and we cherish the hands on experience, but you haven’t seen tired until you’ve seen a medic student, who then has about 6-7  exams in 2 days.
But we’re in the Emergency field right? We should be able to handle stress right? WRONG! We’re still students, so school is still the most stressful thing in our lives. Saving lives, we’re good at and we have confidence in ourselves, testing and GPAs… that’s a different story.
Now that exams are over though we’re ready to take a breather and then get on to the next semester to start all over again. Any good stress relievers out there?
Until Next Time
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