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Wake (A Watersong Novel), Amanda Hocking

Wake Bookcover

“Come now weary traveler, I’ll lead you through the waves. Worry not, poor voyager, for my voice is the way”

In Wake by Amanda Hocking, a young girl named Gemma is forced to make a life changing decision. Gemma is young girl in  sea town who loves to swim. She swims so much that she feels best when in the water and feels one with the water. It is her affinity for the water that she attracts the attention of the “pretty” girls in town. It turns out the pretty girls in town aren’t pretty inside and out, and there’s a lot more to them than anyone knows. What the people of this sea town do know is that since they showed up, boys have gone missing and everyone is drawn to them without knowing why.

Honestly I did not enjoy this book one bit. The best part about it was the side love story that was happening with her older sister. I thought the book was really confusing in trying to figure out the mystery of the pretty girls. Only instead of being twists and turns and a curve ball, it was just weird. It wasn’t a very difficult read, and didn’t take very long other than the fact that I didn’t want to read it. I personally don’t reccommend this book, but she has written a lot of them, so they must be good to others, so I wouldn’t want to knock anyone else from trying it. Until next time,
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