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The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones Movie vs. Book

city of bones cover City-of-Bones

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of sad after I left the movies. I absolutely loved everyone of these books, which you know if you read my posts, but I was bored by the movie. I think they did some great things like the way the demons looked and the way the institute looked. I especially appreciated that the werewolves truly turned into werewolves and not half men creatures. I wasn’t thrilled with who Magnus Bane was played by because I expected him to be so much more, so much…extra. Instead he was flat, and the only interesting thing he did was called Alec cute. Jace wasn’t cocky enough for me and he didn’t make his voice charismatic enough. I absolutely love Jamie Campbell Bower in Sweeny Todd, and like his performance in that so much more.

I like the way they brought the witch light to life, and how they made the Steeles different for different people.  I also really appreciate that I felt like they stuck to the book really well, and nothing was added, or anything significant was taken out. I like how they made the buildings change when looking past the glamour. They did great when it came to the special effects, and making it all come together.

I waited so long to see this movie, and was so excited for it, and now I can’t say that I’m excited for it at all. I still recommend that you see it of course, but I wouldn’t have high hopes. Am I going to go see the rest of the movies as they come out. Well yeah, of course, and I do believe that they’ll get better as they go. I’m not sure if the movie is still in theaters, It’s probably not, but if it is I recommend you seeing it to support this growing franchise!!

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