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The soundtrack to the pages

Often time I’m able to read without listening to music or having any noise around me. I often get distracted by having the TV on or the music on my laptop playing and I have to turn it off to concentrate. When I’m in public places I find that I have to read while listening to my iPod just so I can drown out the noise that is going on around me. If I don’t I find myself people watching, or not knowing what I’m reading at the time. I bet that’s true for a lot of people who like to read in their free time in public places.

     But! Have you ever had that moment when reading where your music goes seamlessly with what you’re reading? Almost like you’ve created the soundtrack for those pages? Well I have, and each time I’ve felt that no other than John Legend has been on my iPod singing All of Me.
     While I was reading The Fault in Our Stars, John Legend was singing to me and for Gus and Hazel. The book already made me cry, but this moment made me feel so much more. I had never felt such perfection in a moment. The same song, was on while reading The Book Thief with Rudy and Liesel and it completed the scene without fail.
     For someone who keeps their iPod on shuffle in order to always have a surprise, it’s strange when these match ups occur, but they make falling into an imaginary world that much better. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
90s Born Reader

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