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The Book Thief, Mark Zusak


Oh, The Book Thief, played with my emotions. Once again I chose something that made me want to curl up in a ball, and ball. This wonderful novel is about a girl, who was given the nickname of “Book Thief” by the narrator, Lisel, from a very young age has been through a lot. We start with her on a train with her mother and her brother. Her mother is having to go through the decision of having to give her children up for foster care because of the problems in Nazi Germany.On the way there Lisel witnesses her brother die right in front of her with one last cough. During one of the transfers at a train stop, she and her mother are forced to bury her brother, and that is where Lisel steals her first book. The Grave Diggers Handbook. When Lisel and her mom finally get to their destination, Lisel meets her new family. She doesn’t like her mom too much, but she is immediately attracted to her new father, and finds comfort in his presence. Growing up during the world of Nazi Germany, and the world of Hitler, Lisel learns a lot about her character, what it means to be scared, what it means to be brave, and what it means to take risks.

        I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! It was not a quick read, but it was a very, very good one. It made you laugh, cry, think about your own family, and what would you do when your beliefs were tested. It also gave you a different insight to what Nazi Germany was like for the Germans who might not have agreed with what Hitler was doing at the time. I also loved the way it was written, and who the narrator was. It gave the story its own feel, and a more unbiased approach. Once again I will recommend this book to anyone and everyone!! Until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
90s Born Reader

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