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The Alexandria Link, Steve Berry

alexandria linkSteve Berry has done it again. He has continued to push the boundaries of my mind and made me question what I know. Cotton Malone is back in his book shop after having helped to find the Knights of Templar in Steve Berry’s other novel, The Templar Legacy. This time though, it’s personal. His ex-wife suddenly appears at his door in the middle of the night, she still lives in Georgia, and she tells him that his son has been kidnapped. What Cotton finds out from her is that it all has something to do with the confidential file of, The Alexandria Link. With this file coming up again, a secret operative only Cotton knew about. One thing that is known about The Alexandria Link, is that it somehow has ties to infamous Library of Alexandria, a vast wealth of knowledge that comes unparalleled to anything that we have today, and is sought out by anyone who is true search of knowledge.

Malone and his ex-wife are forced to go on a world wide trip to find the truth, and to save their son.
The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry is an amazing thriller. I love books that get started right off the bat with something that makes you want to turn the page. I love Steve Berry books and have read others that are not on this blog like, The Templar Legacy, The Third Secret, and The Romanov Prophecy. The Romanov Prophecy is probably my favorite right now because I love Anastasia, and the Romanovs, and then The Templar Legacy follows suit because it reminds me of Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code, both books I love tremendously. Until next time,
Keep Turning The Pages
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