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The Venetian Betrayal, Steve Berry

venetian betrayal

Alexander the Great, Venice, power, science, and dominance. All these things are incorporated in the next part of Cotton Malone’s adventures. In The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry Malone finds himself once again in a world changing adventure with the usual suspects, Cassiopea Vitt and Henrik Thorvaldsen.  Once again Malone finds himself in a mystery that it seems only he can solve. Unlike the last novel by Berry, it is not Malone who is actually in jeopardy or with a task set out before him. This time it is Ms. Vitt who needs the help, but is reluctant to ask for it. Through many twists and turns this novel came to some crazy conclusions, and of fuse once again changed the world forever! If only some of these outcomes were true.

I still love Steve Berry, and will continue to plow through his novels, but some of the ridiculousness is crazy! I love the twists and turns and the anticipation and everything that is involved with the Cotton Malone series, but sometimes the fact that they get everything with just a phone call is a little off setting. It’s almost like they’re not really working for anything, and just buying it. I mean Malone is the only one who really does any of the brain work. Of course I still managed to get stuck reading through all the pages so fast because I couldn’t put it down! If you like Dan Brown you will like Steve Berry. Until next time,
Keep turing the pages,
90s Born Reader

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