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National Handbag Day! Dagne Dover Clutch

In honor of National Handbag Day it was obviously time for me to do my review of my new wonderful Dagne Dover bags!! I have been using them for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them. For this review I’m going to start with the clutch.

I was really excited about this clutch because it comes with both a long strap and a short strap that are interchangeable. Also the wallet part comes in and out via magnets, which makes it easy for me to transfer my wallet into any bag or pocket. I love the quality of the clutch and the fact that it is weather resistant and easy to clean so that I can’t ruin it!

The only thing that I don’t like is the zipper because it’s difficult to sometimes zip it back closed, but on the other hand I love how it lays flat. So, this feature kind of leads it to be a double edged sword. I’ll show you some pictures on how I use the clutch, and all of its features!!



I was so excited when I received my clutch!! It came with a thank you card and was packaged really well.


This is what it looks like straight out of the box


You can see the hidden pocket in this view


I like how large the zipper is and how sturdy it is. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to break.


The other side of the bag


Here is the wallet outside of the bag


Here you can see what is in my clutch. I keep the wallet in there unless I’m at work, and then it is easy to take out and put in my pocket. You can also see one of my favorite lip glosses by Sephora. It is their new matte lip gloss.



In the secret pocket my iPhone 5 with the LifeProof case does fit in there and it still closes.


I really like the clutch! I like that it can go from day to night with ease and by having the blue one I can actually wear it with whatever I have on. I love the Dagne blue color because it is bright and it stand out. I get tons of compliments on this clutch. I highly recommend this new and upcoming brand. It is kind of pricy, as it pushes somewhere around $150, and that can be out of a lot of people’s budgets for just a clutch. I treated myself to this clutch after pining after it all summer. Check them out online!!

2 thoughts on “National Handbag Day! Dagne Dover Clutch”

    1. Sorry for the late response!

      No,it’s open on the sides to the wallet comes out easily, but the magnets hold it in place very well. Inside of the tote there is a special place for it so you can also have it in the tote bag so that it goes from day to night. They’re having a 45% off sale on select styles (colors), so you should try one out!!

      Here’s a link


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