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#MedicLife: IFT/NET

What a lot of people don’t know about EMS is that there is a part that is not strictly 911, emergency, go lights and sirens, SOMEONE IS DYING!
There is another part that is strictly what we call “non-emergency transport”, or “interfacility transport”.
These transports happen when patients, most of the time critical, ventilator dependent, or can’t otherwise walk or get to the hospital themselves, have to go from one hospital to another for specialty care or a doctors appointment. Sometimes these happens from home to hospital, or from assisted living to hospital because these people cannot be safely transported in a car, and therefore have to go by ambulance.
For the time being this is what I do. I like it because it is steady, and you know what you’re getting into. I also get to learn a lot more about medical problems, and not just more skills, and a whole bunch of trauma. I really like what I do so it makes it easier to go to work every day. Until next time,
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