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Season to be Thankful!

I know that it is no longer Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean it is time to be any less thankful. For me, 2014 has been a magnificent year.
Being that my birthday is in January, I always start out the year with my birthday, and thankful that I’ve seen another one.
March I had the opportunity to go on a Spring Break trip with my best friend, and I initiated 6 incredible women into my sorority.
April I graduated from one of the best universities, University of Pittsburgh, and earned a degree that I worked very hard for, and am currently working in my degree field.
May I finally had the time to relax and reflect on my time at Pitt
June I was hired as a new paramedic, and I got to travel across the world with friends and family for the ultimate vacation.
When I got back in July, I still had a job waiting for me, where since then I have met amazing coworkers and friends.
August I started more school as a post-bac student to try and further my education.
October I was able to go back to Alma Mater and see all of my friends at Homecoming.
November I signed a lease on my first big girl apartment
and now coming up in December, I will be celebrating 6 months at my first big girl job!!
There are so many other things to be thankful for, like my family, and my friends who are always there for me to help me do whatever. For example, I told my best friend I got an apartment, and the first thing she told me was to let her know when I needed help moving in! That’s love right there.
I can go on and on about my mom and my dog, but that’s not necessary. So, just take a moment and remember everything that happened this year, all the good! There’s no need to dwell on the bad, and be thankful that each of those experiences happened. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages!
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