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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles), Marissa Meyer

Cinder_CoverNow, you all know how I love a good series. I finally started and finished reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Cinder is a modern and futuristic take on the story of Cinderella. In Meyer’s version of Cinderella we are placed in a time after fourth World War that has destroyed the world as we know it and has created an entirely different Earth. There are now humans and cyborgs, humans that have been altered with robot-like parts. Our leading lady, Cinder, is a Cyborg. Cinder, just like Cinderella is living with an awful step mother who does not want her, an awful step sister, and one nice step sister. She is forced to work for the family as a mechanic, but she happens to be the best in the Commonwealth. Instead of everything being all singing animals and Fairy Godmothers, there is true conflict in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is faced with a disease called Letumosis that reeks havoc on the population causing numerous deaths including the emperor of the Commonwealth, causing a young Prince Kai to come into the throne having to deal with both the epidemic, and a competing nation of the Lunars.
There’s so much more going on in Meyer’s version of Cinderella, but I don’t want to go into too much detail and I want to leave it up to you to figure out. I like her version because it is different, and darker. It is not just about all the singing animals, and Cinderella being nice to everyone, there’s a lot more going on. While reading I thought she also put in some things that are plaguing our world today. I would recommend this book. It is an easy read, and there are more fairy tales that she uses to weave her story. Until next time,
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