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The Lincoln Myth (Cotton Malone #9), Steve Berry

lincoln mythWhat does Abraham Lincoln and the Mormon Church have in common? Who knows, but we do know that if it is a matter of national security, and can change the world as we know it, Cotton Malone will be the one to figure it out. In The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry, Cotton Malone has once again been called to do a favor for his former boss, Stephanie Nell. What seemed like a simple of task of meeting an agent somewhere turned into a shoot out in the middle of the river. With agents missing and lives on the line, Malone is back to helping Stephanie Nelle and the President of the United States. Cassiopeia finds herself in on the same mission, which Malone knows nothing about, but has the job of getting back into the life of an old friend. It is during these separate but equal missions, relationships and friendships will be tested. There will be a question of what side to stand on, and if the appropriate actions were taken.
I have said it time and time again, I love Steve Berry novels. No matter what the subject matter, I find myself not being able to put them down. This makes you think of the civil war and all previous presidents in a different  light. You learn more about President Daniels than you ever have before, and you come to understand what it is like to be between a rock and a hard place. I highly recommend anyone to read this book, but if you haven’t started the series I would start from the beginning. Until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
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