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Winter, Marissa Meyer

Winter_CoverWinter by Marissa Meyer picks up directly from where we left off the last time. Cinder and her crew are still finding away to defeat the Lunar Queen, Levanna. Princess Winter is the main insight of this story. Princess Winter is the most beautiful Princess in Lunar, if not the entire solar system. It is because of her beauty that she is a threat to Levanna. Princess Winter is also crazy, or at least that is what the people of Lunar think. The Princess is the nicest person on the Lunar Satellite, but when Queen Levanna gets jealous of Princess Winter’s beauty she scars Princess Winter. With Princess Winter being Lunar she should be able to glamour herself, but Princess Winter refuses to use her gifts. Instead she walks around showing her scar even though it is said that her glamour is the most beautiful of them all. When a Lunar does not use their gifts it takes over their mind and causes them to go insane.The Princess has done a good job of managing her illness, but sometimes it does get the better of her. Though the Princess is ill do not mistake her for weak. She is one  of the strongest characters in here, and does her part to help Cinder and her friends.
The “Lunar Chronicles” final installment is just as captivating as the first books. I really enjoyed reading the whole series even though the first book, Cinder, took me awhile to get in to. The whole series plays an interesting twist on our favorite fairy tale characters, and for the battle of good vs. evil.  The series follows a group of unlikely friends and allies into situations that they never imagined themselves in. Cinder and her friends have come together to fight for what they believe in. Until next time,
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