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Awakened (House of Night Series book 8), P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

Zoey and Stark are back from the Realm of Nyx and they are starting to find out what exactly being a consort means for Stark now. With all that they have been through their relationship continues to grow stronger on the Isle, but they aren’t quite ready to go back to the real world. Though everything in the real world is not quite as wonderful as it is on the Isle.

Back at school Stevie Rae, Aphrodite and everyone else are dealing with a lot of things from death of friends and families to the school reopening. Neferet is back in charge and is getting more and more powerful every day because there is no evidence of all the wrong she has done, and Kalona has a plan to get his powers back.
So much is happening in the next book of this series. Awakened is once again another book that really grabbed my attention the whole entire time of reading it. If you got bored somewhere around book 6 or 7 keep going!! They really pick and more and more is adding on. I really enjoyed every minute of it and would definitely recommend it to everyone and to keep going with the readings!
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