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Wanderlust: Pisa

Our next stop on our Italian adventure was visiting Pisa! I’m not going to lie, seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been on my bucket list for sometime. Seeing it in person was very different than what I ever could have imagined. Believing that hey, maybe the ground is on a slant, or maybe the foundation gave way. There was every intention of the building being straight, but somewhere the building became tilted. The Leaning Tower is actually a Bell Tower in the Piazza dei Miracoli that goes with the Duomo di Pisa in the plaza and two other buildings.
We had a fun time exploring the Plaza of Miracles, and of course we had to get pizza in Pisa. Check out our pictures below!
pisa-landscape-2 pisa-landscape
A view of the plaza!
We tried so many times to get the iconic picture of “pushing” the tower back straight. Let’s just say someone didn’t understand the concept….
mmmmmm Pisa Pizza!! Yes we’re both taking pictures of our food. That’s what everyone really wants to see right?! Hahaha
Is Pisa a place that is on your bucket list? Until next time,
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Wanderlust: Cinque Terre

 Cinque Terre or the English translation of “Five Lands” in Italian is just that. It is a chain of 5 islands on the Italian Riviera. We were able to easily get to Cinque Terre by taking the train from La Spezia to Riomaggiore, which is the farthest one of the five. People come from all over the world to view these, lets call them islands, to hike the seaside mountains, which are filled with trails for ever hiker experience level. All of Cinque Terre is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site through the Cinque Terre National Park. So, if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, and hiking experience where you could possibly get some wine along the way this place is for you!
The beautiful landscape and homes right on the side of the mountains is enough to take anyones breath away. There’s a lot more than just hiking through these lovely villages. There’s plenty to eat and drink like there is in any Italian city or villa. My mother and I had a wonderful time wandering through the trails, and checking out the beach. There were so many picturesque places that we were able to get the best scenery shots and selfies!! Here are some of our pictures below!cinque-terre-2
Who knew my mother was such a great photographer?! Here I am with my favorite Kelly Moore bag that I travel with everywhere! You can see my review on this bag here
We went during late September and early October meaning that it was cool in the mornings and then hot during the afternoons. Hence why I’m wearing long sleeves, but I’m also wearing shorts as well.
I never expected to add travel to this blog, so I did not get very many scenery shots of these beautiful villages, but of course you should go check them out for yourself.  Until next time,
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Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen has done it again with her newest book Along for the Ride! In the novel a teenage girl has recently graduated from high school finally realizing that during her school years she spend most of her time studying than trying to hold on to every high school moment. After her parents were divorced when she was younger, she spent most of her nights staying up and listening to her parents argue, or sneaking out with her school books to the local diner, or just staying awake studying, during that time she started to develop insomnia. Little did she know that having insomnia would soon lead her to finding the perfect boy for her.
When she heard that her father was having another child with his new wife she decided, much to her mother’s dismay, to spend the summer with her dad and stepmother at the beach.
Moving to the small town made her realize that she had missed a lot in the “girl” world having best friends to be with her through out family troubles and boy troubles. In her time at the beach she develops strong friendships, and even finds romance and someone to share her night time adventures with. In that romance he takes it upon himself to make her experience every normal kid thing that she never got to experience. Not only did it help her, but it also helped him to start living again after a tragic death to his best friend.
In the end the novel gives you the feeling to not take your friends for granted, to go out and find someone special just for you, and to accept your family for who they are.  During the novel you will find yourself crying, laughing, understanding, and feeling complete when the novel ends.
Sarah Dessen has always been one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait for her next novel to come out! I have no idea when that will be though :(.
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