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Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days), Susan Ee

angelfall-book-cover-artThe world has come to an end. There is death, destruction, and devastation everywhere. The Angels have descended on to Earth and have been warring with Demons. They have destroyed everything we know and hold dear. Penny and her family are trying to survive in this new world, knowing that at any point they could die. Peryn has a younger sister in a wheelchair, and her mom is crazy and has been battling the demons inside of her. When trying to move location they run into the demon angels battling another angel, which ends with the angel getting his wing cut off, and Penryn doing the unexpected. Penryn decides to help the angel and distracts the demon angels from killing him. By helping out the angel, her sister was kidnapped by the demon angel, which made an already horrible world even worse for Penryn. Penryn now has two choices; keep trying to survive, or go and find her sister.
I really enjoyed reading the first book of this series. It was very similar to Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. I think I might have even enjoyed it more for the sheer fact that there was more action involved in the story. The romance began to simmer during the story, but it wasn’t prominent in the story. I’m going to continue reading this series to see what happens next. Until next time,
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