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The Hunger Games: Movie vs. Book

I have had the great fortune of seeing The Hunger Games movie twice. Both times I loved it. Finally I believe a production company did what was expected of them when it came to bring a book to life for the viewers, the readers, and those who have not read the book, hopefully yet.There was not a major part of the book left out, the characters exemplified exactly what I thought of them. The casting people did a great job of finding a hear throb in both Gale and Peeta, and Katniss continued to be a badass.

For my friends who had not read the book though, there were some questions to them that did not get answered in the movie, where for the rest of us it was easy to fill in the pieces. Some of the questions included, “Wait, they said there were 13 districts, but only 12 are in The Hunger Games. What happened to the 13th?” That question is of course a legitimate question because it’s not truly answered in the movie itself. Another questions “Why do they keep flashing to Gale when Katniss and Peeta establish their relationship”. Once again a minor detail that was not really  explained, but something that could be assumed. Lastly “Why is Katniss yelling at her mother”. That one did not happen as much because it was kind of explained, but the reason for her mother’s deterioration, as I told them would later be explained in a different book. This has been one movie recently where I want to continuously spend my money to go see it. I think that it’s really special for there to be a character that you want to emulate in your every day life. Someone who is willing to sacrifice and do what ever it takes to be there for those she loves even when the circumstances could mean her emanate death.

If you can’t tell already, I highly recommend this movie and this book to everyone. It is definitely one of those rare cases where it does not matter if you read the book first or not, but if you have not read the books it will make you want to buy them immediately and get to reading. Don’t forget to check out my posts on the other books an some other issues that have come from the casting of this movie.

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Racism in The Hunger Games?

One day in class while being on Twitter, instead of course paying attention in class, I came upon someone’s tweet that had this website on it. Because it had something to do with The Hunger Games I immediately opened it and started to read it, and what I read was appalling. This blogger has the same overall opinion as I do. What was found, after the record breaking opening of The Hunger Games were people were disappointed with the casting in the movie. How some of the crowd thought that Rue, the little girl, and her counter part should not have been cast as black…even though that is how they’re described in the novel. People were expecting this little girl, this angelic like child to be white and pure. The pure ignorance of the comments found on this page really astounded me. Some people think that racism is dead now that we have a black President, but that is not the case. Taking a great movie and saying that this detail ruined it for you, even though it says in the book that both of these kids are dark skinned, really shows how our world still is. Also publicly showing people how ignorant you really are is another show of their stupidity.

We’re lucky that unlike in The Help, you can see my post about it here, they did not change a major part of the novel, just to make it more viewer friendly. By doing such, that would have truly ruined the whole movie just trying to appeal to the racism that is still out there.

I absolutely loved this movie and I believe that it is one of the best book to movie duos that’s been done recently, but that is something to be talked about in my next post comparing the two.

I hope that the people who read my blog are more open to things that are different than themselves, and can appreciate a movie producer doing his or her job to stick with what was written in the book, that the movie is about.

All I know is in my opinion it’s better to celebrate some diversity in a cast instead of it being all the same color. No one seemed angry that instead of finding someone with already dark hair for Katniss, they dyed her hair blonde, but hey I guess we’re still stuck in the past.

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