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Catching Fire: Movie vs. Book

catching fire movie  Catching_fire

     Of course I went and saw this at midnight, or really the 11:30 showing I believe it was, so sorry for the late post. Y’all know I get behind. Did I mention that I bought my tickets a month in advance too? Yeah that happened, I’m a little crazy. Anyway!  We should all know what the book is about because we read it before the movie right?! If not, shame on you! Always try to read the books before the movies! So much can be left out of a movie, like some of the questions people have, due to time constraints. You don’t want to be in the theater for 5 hours watching it, and they don’t want to spend billions making the movie.

     I think they did a great job with the movie! I didn’t feel like anything important was left out of the movie from the book. I also think that this one is my favorite from the trilogy anyway. Honestly I don’t have much to say I think that it was very well done. The only problem that I had with it, a minor problem, was the party scene and Katniss’ conversation with the new Game Keeper, and how he showed his watch at the party and Katniss caught something out of the corner of her eye. Other than that, the costumes were once again amazing, and I’m glad that the didn’t skimp on the violence that was happening in the district. I would watch it again, many times. Until next time,
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Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins

If we don’t know already, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this post, but KATNISS AND PEETA WIN THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!

At the end of the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are the last ones standing and were claimed victors, but being the victor of The Hunger Games does not necessarily mean everything is going to be okay. For Katniss it turns out to be the opposite. Sure, District 12 gets more food once a month every month, and Katniss and Peeta’s families get moved to Victor’s Village with Haymitch, but things are truly just starting for our lovely victors.

With the end of the Hunger Games comes some terribly disturbing nightmares for both Peeta and Katniss, but neither of them are truly talking to each other to deal with them, and of course the only other person who knows what they’re going through is Haymitch, and he’s drunk all the time. The only things that keep them going are their friends and family. With the Quarterquell coming up or the 75th Hunger Games, our victors are able to rest and not worry about it, other than being someone else’s mentor.

What’s different about the Quarterquells are that the rules are changed by President Snow, instead of just each district having to pick 2 victors out of a bowl, it can be something like 2 boys, or only 2 girls, and it is said that these decisions have been made long before it comes about and is locked away, not to be opened until that Quarterquell. When it is time to open this box the Panem was not ready for what they heard.

All of the past victors would be required to participate from The Hunger Games AGAIN. Well really one male and one female past victor will participate. No one could believe that Katniss and Peeta and possibly Haymitch would be back in the arena again fighting for their lives.

Through out these games new friends and alliances would be made, and enemies as well. Much research would be done on the others and a lot of time spent training before the games. Our Starstruck lovers would shock the world many times, but what happens in the arena you will have to read for yourself.

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Racism in The Hunger Games?

One day in class while being on Twitter, instead of course paying attention in class, I came upon someone’s tweet that had this website on it. Because it had something to do with The Hunger Games I immediately opened it and started to read it, and what I read was appalling. This blogger has the same overall opinion as I do. What was found, after the record breaking opening of The Hunger Games were people were disappointed with the casting in the movie. How some of the crowd thought that Rue, the little girl, and her counter part should not have been cast as black…even though that is how they’re described in the novel. People were expecting this little girl, this angelic like child to be white and pure. The pure ignorance of the comments found on this page really astounded me. Some people think that racism is dead now that we have a black President, but that is not the case. Taking a great movie and saying that this detail ruined it for you, even though it says in the book that both of these kids are dark skinned, really shows how our world still is. Also publicly showing people how ignorant you really are is another show of their stupidity.

We’re lucky that unlike in The Help, you can see my post about it here, they did not change a major part of the novel, just to make it more viewer friendly. By doing such, that would have truly ruined the whole movie just trying to appeal to the racism that is still out there.

I absolutely loved this movie and I believe that it is one of the best book to movie duos that’s been done recently, but that is something to be talked about in my next post comparing the two.

I hope that the people who read my blog are more open to things that are different than themselves, and can appreciate a movie producer doing his or her job to stick with what was written in the book, that the movie is about.

All I know is in my opinion it’s better to celebrate some diversity in a cast instead of it being all the same color. No one seemed angry that instead of finding someone with already dark hair for Katniss, they dyed her hair blonde, but hey I guess we’re still stuck in the past.

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The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is such an amazing, amazing book. With all the hype that is going on with the movie, it was on my list of must reads. Also every last one of my friends who has read the book has absolutely loved it as well.  In The Hunger Games North America has been ruined through war and other causes and from it a new era and nation was made. From it 13 Districts and a Capitol were made, each district were given a different specialty to produce goods for the Capitol. Through the unfairness of the Capitol, District 13 decided to rebel against the Capitol. It is because of this rebellion that District 13 was destroyed and the Hunger Games were created. The Hunger Games were created to show the rest of the districts that the Capitol is in charge of their lives. Every year 2 children from age 12 – 18 have their names put into a drawing to be apart of them. One male, and one female will be chosen and are made to fight to the death of the last child for the whole nation to see. From these Hunger Games, Prim and Peeta were chosen from District 12, but Katniss Everdeen was not going to allow her little sister to fight to the death, and she volunteered as tribute.

It is because of these events Katniss and Peeta are taken away from their family and are forced to go to the Capitol and be nothing but a show for them. Luckily for them though they have a wonderful team who is able to gain the Capitol’s attention through their fiery wardrobe that Katniss’ fast friend, Cinna made for them. Through some stories of untold love, volunteering your life for the ones you love, and doing some very unexpected things that may or may not insight a rebellion. Katniss and Peeta enter into the ring where they literally have to fight to the death against 22 other kids like them.

I’m trying not to give a lot of the story away because it is an amazing story written by Suzanne Collins, I can see how it has taken the world by storm. I loved reading this story so much that it only took me a day to do so. I highly recommend reading this book, and I’m even going to the movie on Friday after my exams that is hahaha. Look for a post from me about the second and third books!!!!
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