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Chosen (House of Night Series Book 3) P.C. Cast

A good way to put the Casts third novel Chosen, is a lot of boy drama. Between her need for the friendship with Erik Night, the imprint with her human boyfriend Heath, and the sexual tension from her teacher Loren Blake does not help her already growing responsibilities. With Stevie Rae kind of back in Zoey’s life, but very different Zoey has to find a way to help her undead best friend. Not only that but something is up with her mentor Neferet. Zoey can tell that her mentor has changed a lot and not for the better. Because of all of her problems and her secrets her friends start to loose trust in her and she is forced to befriend her old nemesis Aphrodite to help solve her problems. The one person Zoey has to lean on is her Grandmother. Her Ms. Redbird is someone who fully accepts Zoey for who she is, which provides Zoey with comfort because her mother and step-father do not.

I’m not going to lie the books are a little rough and repetitive but they are addictive. It’s hard once you’ve started the series to stop reading them. The authors spend a lot of time recapping what has happened in the previous books, which is annoying because you would think we have read the books this being the third. They’re corny enough to continue reading, so please do.

Until next time keep turning the pages!

90s Born Reader

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