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Untamed (House of Night Series Book 4) P.C. Cast

Forget boy drama this novel, Zoey has lost all of her boyfriends, and has even lost her friends. Ironically the only person Zoey has is Aphrodite. Neferet had everyone believe that Aphrodite had lost Nyx’s connection, but it turns out Aphrodite still gets her visions, and a lot of them have to do with Zoey dying. Too add to complications there is a new kid at the House of Night, but he is not a newly changed fledgling instead he is a transfer student.

More and more darkness is developing at the House of Night and without the comfort of her friends Zoey is finding it a little more difficult than usual. In one of Aphrodite’s visions Zoey’s Cherokee heritage comes into play with an old legend. The old legend does not bring good things to come, instead it brings nothing but danger and suffering, but it also involves her Grandmother. With Grandma Redbird in danger Zoey asks her Grandmother to come stay with her. Another bit of knowledge in this novel is that crows and ravens are not the same thing, but I will leave you to figure that one out.

Untamed is my favorite in the series so far. It combines a lot of people, the past and the present, and it sends us on a lot of twists and turns. Yes it continues to be a little repetitive and corny, but that to me makes it worth reading. If you’re on the third one and you’re not sure to go on or not at least read this one and then you will be hooked trying to decide if good will triumph over evil.

Until next time keep turning the pages!

90s Born Reader

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