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Hunted (House of Night Series Book 5) P.C. Cast

For Zoey all the secrets are now out. Neferet is evil, the red fledglings are no longer a secret and neither is Stevie Rae’s new vampyre status. The only problem is the newly risen Kalona has everyone else under his spell, so Zoey and her friends have no choice but to flee. With their new hiding spot with the red fledglings they feel confident and strong under the Earth, but Zoey still feels like something is hiding in the dark tunnels under the depot. Yes the red fledglings have fixed up the tunnels under the depot to make it more like home, but still she can tell that Stevie Rae is not telling her everything she knows.

The continuing journey of Zoey Redbird gets more interesting, but also kind of stays the same. She has boy problems, she has to save the world, and her friends are with her every step of the way. So yes, the story keeps going and it makes you want to keep reading, but not much changes.

Until next time keep turning the pages!

90s Born Reader

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