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Burned by P.C. and Kristin Cast (House of NIght Series 7)

Burned by P.C. and Kristin Cast starts off exactly where we left off with Zoey Redbird and her group of friends. Zoey has just witnessed the death of the love of her life by Kalona and in a spite of rage and defense, she throws all of her spirit energy at Kalona and in turn splits apart her soul. What would seem like death is not a true death, but a part of her does die inside. Zoey’s broken soul is then sent to a sort of purgatory in Nyx’s realm where it is up to her and Keith, who is actually dead, to try and help her get back. During this adventure in Nyx’s world, Stevie Rae is having to grow into her roll of a high priestess for the red fledglings and also into her feelings for the fallen Raven Mocker. While Stevie Rae and Zoey are doing what is needed for them, Aphrodite, Stark, and the “nerd herd” are doing everything possible to make sure Zoey’s spirit makes it back into her body safely, so that Zoey remains alive. If she doesn’t there is nothing but impending doom for the rest of the world.
In each of the students separate adventures each individual student is coming into their own strengths and finding out more about themselves than they could ever imagine. Stevie Rae is learning the importance of being a leader and how not always the best choice is the favored one. Aphrodite is learning that even though she is no longer a vampyre, her gifts are still with her as a prophetess of Nyx, and is learning how to further use those powers to do more. Stark is learning what it truly means to be a warrior for Zoey and how much sacrifice it’s going to take for someone he loves. The so-called “nerd herd” is using their talents of being able to work together to find out pertinent information to save Zoey. Last but not least, Keith. Though Keith is dead, and he knows it, he is still madly in love with Zoey to know that he has to make the ultimate sacrifice to help Zoey get back to where she needs to be.
Though I believe somewhere in the middle of the series before this one the books kind of fell off, but the need to keep reading them was still there. This one really picked it back up for me. It could also have been that I took a break from them instead of reading one a week. This book, Burned,  got back to the true meaning of young people doing extraordinary things to help out others and I was really excited that I picked it up again. I definitely recommend people to keep reading them because they keep getting better and better and I will do my best to continue to read them as well.
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