City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments), Cassandra Clare

IT’S THE FINAL COUNT DOWN!!! (Yes I know the song is now stuck in your head.

It’s official Jace has gone off the deep end and Clary only know one thing. How to love Jace. Oh, and that she has a crazy brother who has a plan to dominate the world but doesn’t have a definitive name.. is it Sebastian or is it Jonathan. He doesn’t even know.  Jordan and Maia are finding themselves, Simon once again is trying to save the world by himself, and Alec and Magnus need to get some relationship counseling. But seriously that’s the whole book in a nutshell. I don’t want to say too much, but through all this Clare has me captivated reading City of Lost Souls the whole time.
Of course I loved this book. Who wouldn’t love the last one? If you’ve made it this far loving every step you’re going to love the las step as well. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, but you have to read the first 4 first. I’ve said so much about the last 4 that I think you all understand my slight obsession. So please until next time,
Keep Turning the Pages
90s Born Reader

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