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The Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard

RedqueenThe Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard starts out in society that is filled with segregation. The Red and the Silvers. The Reds have red blood flowing through them, are said to be inferior, and do most of the labor for the nation. The Silvers are the superior race, and have silver blood running through them. They are also uniquely gifted with their powers making them stronger than the Reds. Mare, is a young girl who is part of a loving home with family who is unfortunate enough to be Reds and have had to deal with the destruction of seeing her family torn apart by the war. When Mare meets a young boy outside of a bar, who she is trying to pick pocket. Apparently she chose the right and wrong person to pick pocket. After getting caught pick pocketing she talks to this stranger about what it is like to live where she does. The day that she is supposed to go off to fight the never ending war, her whole life changes and she is brought to instead work in the palace, where she is a catalyst of something incredibly powerful.
I rather enjoyed this novel. It was different. Though it brings up views of segregation, and social hierarchy, it does it in a way that is easily understandable. There’s thoughts of sacrifice, and believing in something that is more than you, and going after it. I find it interesting that it is in the young adult category because adults can fare to read this as well. There’s so much more to this novel in my opinion, than a girl who falls in love and fights a war at the same time. I highly recommend this one, and I can’t wait for her to make a sequel to it because I need to know what is going to happen to the villains. Until next time,
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