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ISPaT, Stephanie R. Bridge

iSpat is a self published book by Stephanie R. Bridges that was inspired by her life as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Bridges wrote this after becoming closer to God during her recovery. She made this into a series of poems that she divides into sections. Within each section are a varying amount of poems that go with the category of the section, and each poem is also accompanied by a Bible verse.
Now, I was lucky enough to receive this book from Mrs. Bridges after she contacted me asking me if I would read her book for her and post something about it. Normally when it comes to religious books, I don’t read them because I’m not particularly religious, but I did really enjoy and appreciate her story and her strength in writing about it.  It is because of that I read about her wonderful book of poems. You can check out my review on my BookTube channel, which is below! Until next time,
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