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September Reading Wrap Up

So apparently y’all really do like these wrap-ups huh? Well, let me start posting them consistently. If you don’t want to read this post, I’ve already recorded this for my youtube channel, which you should totally check out and subscribe, and have placed it down below. I’m a couple of months behind, but that’s okay you’ll get over it. I had a good reading month in September and probably hit my average reading. I read 5 books and all of them were either romance or contemporary. Some were great and some… not so much. I’ve added links to all of the books that will take you to amazon. Some links may be affiliate links. Let’s get down to these books though!

American Queen |

American Queen is the first book in the New Camelot series by Sierra Simone and boy oh boy is this book hot and steamy.  I love how this book is told from two different time frames intertwining the past and the present. I also love how the perspectives are told and how you always feel like you’re getting the view of all three perspectives and their stories. This romance features a love triangle/polyamory/mmf as well as military and politics. It’s such an incredible ride and I can’t wait to finish the rest of the series.

I believe I gave this book 4.5 stars overall


Save the Date |

Save The Date was recommended to me by my romance guru, Steph over at Steph’s Romance Book Chat. It’s probably the one recommendation that she gave me that fell flat. She gave it to me because I got engaged this year and I have been in a wedding type of mood. Lord knows I still need to order save the dates hahaha, but this book fell flat because it didn’t offer enough tension and I felt like it tried to wrap things up too quickly. This book features fake dating. The tension it tried to bring in just was there for a shock factor and it didn’t even shock. It also was not steamy enough.

I gave this book 3 stars

Parental Guidance |

Parental Guidance was another book my romance guru recommended and this one I loved! I truly loved. It was a 5 star read for me. This romance is a sports romance that features fake dating, dating apps, and parents choosing for them. I loved the dating app and how it all fell into place and I also loved how the parents were involved in this book and in developing this relationship. This was just such a great book.

I gave it 5 stars!

I Dare You |

I Dare You was another sports romance. This one following a collegiate athlete, which I definitely enjoyed because it was different than the other sports romances, which mainly follow professional athletes. I liked how the conversation of collegiate athletes not being paid was brought up and how that can really put a strain on their lives because they don’t have enough time to get a paying job. I liked the relationship in it and how it all came about and how college relationships can be a little different. I truly did enjoy this book and I enjoyed the speed at which the relationship developed.

I gave it 4 stars!

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight |

Now, I have multiple videos on I’m Not Dying With You Tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and liked the tempo that it was written at, it’s very fast-paced and as with riots, which are also very fast. I will leave the other videos linked as well. I loved the topic of this book and how it was written from two different perspectives. I did think that there was some character development lacking in our black main character, but I thought there was a good representation of the culture as it was based on Atlanta’s inner-city areas.

I gave this book 4 stars!

All in all I felt like September brought out some great reads and was mainly a romance and contemporary month for me! If you’re looking for more on each book make sure to check out my wrap up down below!! Until next time,

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Why You Don’t Have Bookish Friends

All the time you can find posts of people saying that they don’t feel part of the bookish community, or how they don’t have friends and each time I see this I roll my eyes. Sorry, I do. I’m always left wondering what are you doing to garner friends in the bookish community. Are you expecting people to just “come up to you” on the internet and just be your friend? If so, you need to change your expectations. Also a lot of the friendships that you see happening on the internet did not happen overnight! They took months sometimes years to become what you see on the internet! It’s okay to be jealous, but it’s not okay to let it taint your view of the entire community. As a friend told me, find your tribe. They are there, but they’re just spread out a bit.

In order to have a friend, you have to be a friend. You have to be willing to put in the time to try and foster relationships and you also have to understand that not every person on the internet is meant to be your friend.  Building platonic relationships take just as much work as building romantic relationships. Are you commenting on their content and doing it in such a way that leads to more discussion or is it just a “Love your video! New subscriber!”? Also, understand that it’s easy to get distracted on the internet and that just because it seems like people are ignoring doesn’t mean they are. They might have seen the notification and just forgot to respond to it. That happens! I do it all the time and then it’s like a week later I’m responding. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Sometimes I take a peek at something, but don’t have the time to respond right away and then because the notification is gone I forget about it.

You also can’t expect to be given everything and constantly take from others without giving something in return. That’s toxic. It’s hurtful plain and simple. Also, don’t try to become friends with someone in order to build yourself up. That’s rude. You also have to respect people’s boundaries! If people say they just can’t do it right now, let them have some space to breathe. The internet only shows so much of people’s lives, and sometimes we assume we know more when we really only know a fraction.

I posted a video on my youtube channel about this, that is not nearly as blunt as this post, but I felt like the blog needed some tough love and youtube needed something a little nicer. Feel free to watch! What have you done to build relationships in the book community? What is some of the advice that you have for others? Let’s talk down in the comments! Until next time,

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Tag Tuesday | The Honest Booktuber Tag

It’s time for another tag! This time we’re talking about the honest booktuber and are you being truthful when you’re giving reviews and wrap-ups. I did this on my youtube channel and it was a lot of fun. I have put it down below, but I would love to see some bloggers answer the question as well as some other youtubers!! If you do the tag let me know! I want to see your answers!


Original By Harriet Rosie |…

1. Have you ever lied about reading a book?
2. Have you ever avoided a book because of controversy around the content/author?
3. Have you ever been sent a book for free and not disclosed it?
4. Have you ever bought a book with no intention of reading it?
5. Have you ever got caught up in booktube drama?
6. Have you ever had a hate comment, and did you respond?
7. Have you ever made a video just because you knew it would get views?
8. If you could go back to the beginning of your channel, would you do anything differently?
9. Are there any channels you wish you could be more like?
10. What’s something you love about your channel?

Let me know how you feel about some of these questions! Anything that you want to confess? Until next time,


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August 2019 Reading Wrap Up

Yes, I know I’m super late. I mean it’s October! A lot happened in September and it put me a little behind on sharing the content to all of the social media outlets. Instagram and Twitter are of course going to be the best places to see what I’m doing in real-time. So that brings me to *celebratory trumpet sounds* my August wrap up!!

I only read 4 books in August and one of those was a novella, sooooo yeah four books. My wrap up is up on my youtube channel and is linked down below to get complete thoughts and a short synopsis on each book.

Master Baker by Pippa Grant – Three Stars

Getting Schooled by Emma Chase – Five Stars

Amber and Dusk by Lyra Selene – Three Stars

Playing House by Ruby Lang  – Four Stars

If I have a review up on my youtube channel I will also link that down below! If you’re looking to get the books, click on the titles and it will bring you to Amazon. I read all of the books on my Kindle except for Amber and Dusk, which I got in an Owlcrate Box.

I’m genuinely trying to get back in blogging, so please tell me how I can improve and what you would like to see on my blog! My youtube channel gets updated more these days and I’m trying to coincide that with my blog, but social media takes a lot! You all who do it all are amazing! Anyway, that’s enough rambling for me until next time,

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Happy October!

Happy October!!

I can’t believe that there are only 2 months left in the year!! That’s crazy and it’s officially holiday season!! I know a lot of people are getting ready for Halloween and all of their spooky reads, but I’m not going that route. First, I don’t really do spooky reads and thrillers, the second I really need to read some books that I already own.

So, that is what I will be focusing on this month. I don’t really do TBRs as you know, but I do have some books on my physical shelves and my e-reader shelves.

Some of those books include

Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron

Crier’s War by Nina Varela

Guilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

Serpent and Dove  by Shelby Mahurin

Slay by Britney Morris

I know I have more books that I need to read that you can see on my Instagram page, but these are some of the ones that I really want to get to next.

I’m trying really hard to not buy any books this month and prepare for the holidays!! What are some of the books that you have planned for this month?! Are you going spooky, participating in ReadAThons, or just keeping is business as usual? Until next time,

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