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Hidden (House of Night Novel 10), P.C. and Kristin Cast


      The true plans of Neferet have been discovered and witnessed through a cleansing and reveal ritual done at Sylvia Redbird’s farm. Thanatos, with the help of Zoey and her friends, have seen the truth, and have a better understanding of what they are dealing with, but no good deed goes unpunished. Because the circle used to see the light could not be broken, warriors were used to protect the circle. Dragon fulfilled his oath to Nyx no matter how far he thought he strayed, and gave his life in order to protect them from the bull, Aurox. After being thwarted Neferet decides that it is time for her to get into league with humans to start bringing chaos. Neferet tries to say that she has left the House of Night in Tulsa, when really the High Council has decided that she is to be excommunicated as a vampire entirely.
During this 10th installment of House of Night, it is up to Zoey, Stevie Ray, Aphrodite, and the new fledgling Shalene to figure out their true powers. To really work on using what gifts Nyx has given them to use them to their full potential. It will be difficult for them to battle Neferet without understanding what each one of them are capable of.
I really enjoyed this one! It has been awhile since I fully enjoyed a House of Night novel because there were some twists that I was not expecting that were refreshing. The fledglings in the novel are coming into their own, even though I still believe that Zoey whines way too much. Also the language in this book is kind of adult for it to be a teen novel. There are a lot of F bombs dropped for them to be in high school. I’m not even sure I talk that bad even though I have a terrible mouth. I still really enjoyed it and I can’t read the next and the last one. Until next time,
Keep turning the pages
90s Born Reader
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Betrayed (House of Night Series book 2) by P.C. Cast

Zoey Redbird is back and she continues to make her mark on the world and at the House of Night. At the end of the last novel Zoey Redbird proved just how blessed she is form the Goddess Nyx. Zoey has proven that she not only has an affnity for all five elements; wind, fire, water, earth, and spirit, but that her friends have been given an affinity for them also. Each one of her friends as one of the elements, making her circle of fledglings the most powerful yet.

Of course we are told that with great power, comes great responsibility. Due to Zoey’s wonderful character, and power Zoey becomes the new leader of the Dark Daughters instead of Aphrodite. Zoey has a wonderful vision and plan to recreate the selective group in a better image and with group input, but when it comes to tell everyone of her ideas, her “mentor” Neferet steals the show throwing the first warning to Zoey.

After her first successful circle, her best friend and roommate dies, and doesn’t complete the change leaving her alone, hurt, and grieving. Zoey has a lot to learn about her mentor and her best friends and all of it is very difficult to understand, and she can’t do it alone, but she believes she has to.

The second novel, Betrayed, is just as gripping as the first. I could not stop reading it wanting to know what was going on next in Zoey Redbird’s world and how she is going to handle whatever is thrown at her. I don’t think that I have to recommend this one because after reading this one and the first I already know that you are hooked and are looking forward to the third.

Until next time, keep turning the pages.

90s Born Reader