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Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight

It’s been five years since what has come to be known as the “Dark War”, the “Cold Peace” has been placed into effect and tensions are high amongst Downworlders and Shadowhunters. Jace and Clary have helped to save the world as we know it, and have gone on to run the New York Institute. Magnus and Alec have started a family, and have helped to make it so that shadow hunters can marry Downworlders.
Meanwhile in the LA Institute the Blackthornes along with Emma Carstairs have had to hold their lives together ever since Sebastian Morganstern and the Endarkened ruined their lives. Julian Blackthorn was forced to kill his own father five years ago when he became part of the Endarkened and threatened the lives of his brothers and sisters. Both of Emma’s parents were killed, the Clave believed it was by Sebastian, but Emma believes otherwise. During these years, Emma has found information and clues that lead her to who actually find out who her parents killer are. Julian has to take on the roll of brother, father, and leader of the institute, and has to deal with a lot of things that someone his age should never have to deal with. Through it all Emma and Julian have each other and their parabatai bond that helps them get through the dark times and betrayal they are about to face.
I absolutely loved this book. I was so happy to get back into the world of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders because it is such an amazing series. I’m not really one to reread books, but I continue to consider reading each one of Cassandra Clare’s books over again, but maybe in a different order. This book gave you everything that you were missing from not having Shadowhunters in your life. Action, drama, love, and flawless timing of all the different characters and generations of Shadowhunters that you have seen in her previous works. I cannot wait to read Lord of Shadows next. Until next time,
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The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones Movie vs. Book

city of bones cover City-of-Bones

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of sad after I left the movies. I absolutely loved everyone of these books, which you know if you read my posts, but I was bored by the movie. I think they did some great things like the way the demons looked and the way the institute looked. I especially appreciated that the werewolves truly turned into werewolves and not half men creatures. I wasn’t thrilled with who Magnus Bane was played by because I expected him to be so much more, so much…extra. Instead he was flat, and the only interesting thing he did was called Alec cute. Jace wasn’t cocky enough for me and he didn’t make his voice charismatic enough. I absolutely love Jamie Campbell Bower in Sweeny Todd, and like his performance in that so much more.

I like the way they brought the witch light to life, and how they made the Steeles different for different people.  I also really appreciate that I felt like they stuck to the book really well, and nothing was added, or anything significant was taken out. I like how they made the buildings change when looking past the glamour. They did great when it came to the special effects, and making it all come together.

I waited so long to see this movie, and was so excited for it, and now I can’t say that I’m excited for it at all. I still recommend that you see it of course, but I wouldn’t have high hopes. Am I going to go see the rest of the movies as they come out. Well yeah, of course, and I do believe that they’ll get better as they go. I’m not sure if the movie is still in theaters, It’s probably not, but if it is I recommend you seeing it to support this growing franchise!!

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