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Redeemed (Final House of Night Novel), P.C. and Kristin Cast

Redeemed_cover Neferet is back, and it is up to the Tulsa House of Night to stop her for good. Zoey Redbird  finds herself not only battling Neferet, but also the battle of Light and Dark inside her. She has to find a way to calm the storm inside of her before she can truly be the High Priestess she is supposed to be. Meanwhile Neferet has shown Tulsa her true colors and has declared herself a Goddess and Queen Tsi Sigli, and has taken over the Mayo building. With the help of some unlikely people like Kalona and Detective Marx a plan is set in motion to help bring down Neferet. The people of Tulsa are having to trust the vampyres at the TulsaHouse of Night, and actually ask for protection and sanctuary.

I don’t want to give too much away because there is so muchhappening in this final installment of the House of Night series! We continue to find out more about Kalona, and how is past isaffecting his present, and also darkness can easily come about.We see what it is like to take responsibility for actions, evenif those outcomes were not what you had in mind. We see that itis okay to have a support system, and to lean on them, but to also know when to stand on our own two feet. Through Zoey Redbird’s story we learn a lot about love, loss, friendship, and leadership. Only Zoey’s story is not the only one that was introduced through out this series. Kalona’s story is very well put together teaching us how to taken ownership from our mistakes, and how to grow and overcome them, and Neferet’s story shows us how muchour past, and our pain can consume us into something we don’t even recognize. During this series we also learn that there is love, always love. Merry meet, and merry meet aging. Until next time,
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