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Winter, Marissa Meyer

Winter_CoverWinter by Marissa Meyer picks up directly from where we left off the last time. Cinder and her crew are still finding away to defeat the Lunar Queen, Levanna. Princess Winter is the main insight of this story. Princess Winter is the most beautiful Princess in Lunar, if not the entire solar system. It is because of her beauty that she is a threat to Levanna. Princess Winter is also crazy, or at least that is what the people of Lunar think. The Princess is the nicest person on the Lunar Satellite, but when Queen Levanna gets jealous of Princess Winter’s beauty she scars Princess Winter. With Princess Winter being Lunar she should be able to glamour herself, but Princess Winter refuses to use her gifts. Instead she walks around showing her scar even though it is said that her glamour is the most beautiful of them all. When a Lunar does not use their gifts it takes over their mind and causes them to go insane.The Princess has done a good job of managing her illness, but sometimes it does get the better of her. Though the Princess is ill do not mistake her for weak. She is one  of the strongest characters in here, and does her part to help Cinder and her friends.
The “Lunar Chronicles” final installment is just as captivating as the first books. I really enjoyed reading the whole series even though the first book, Cinder, took me awhile to get in to. The whole series plays an interesting twist on our favorite fairy tale characters, and for the battle of good vs. evil.  The series follows a group of unlikely friends and allies into situations that they never imagined themselves in. Cinder and her friends have come together to fight for what they believe in. Until next time,
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Wanderlust: Rapallo

After our stop in Milan the next part of our tour with Traveling Together took us to Rapallo Italy, which is a seaside town. When we were there they were preparing for a race, and had some of the streets blocked off. We used this as a quick stop for food, and sight seeing as we made our way to La Spezia.
Here are some of our pictures from the few hours we had there.
rapallo selfie
It was a cloudy date when we went, but we still enjoyed seeing the small town. Until Next Time,
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Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days), Susan Ee

angelfall-book-cover-artThe world has come to an end. There is death, destruction, and devastation everywhere. The Angels have descended on to Earth and have been warring with Demons. They have destroyed everything we know and hold dear. Penny and her family are trying to survive in this new world, knowing that at any point they could die. Peryn has a younger sister in a wheelchair, and her mom is crazy and has been battling the demons inside of her. When trying to move location they run into the demon angels battling another angel, which ends with the angel getting his wing cut off, and Penryn doing the unexpected. Penryn decides to help the angel and distracts the demon angels from killing him. By helping out the angel, her sister was kidnapped by the demon angel, which made an already horrible world even worse for Penryn. Penryn now has two choices; keep trying to survive, or go and find her sister.
I really enjoyed reading the first book of this series. It was very similar to Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. I think I might have even enjoyed it more for the sheer fact that there was more action involved in the story. The romance began to simmer during the story, but it wasn’t prominent in the story. I’m going to continue reading this series to see what happens next. Until next time,
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Torment (Fallen Series Book 2), Lauren Kate

TormentFallen is about a young girl, Lucinda “Luce” Price,  who has seen the world through many time periods and eras, and has loved in every generation of her life. The only thing is, she doesn’t remember any of these lives, and how she is tied to the people around her now. When her current life falls apart after the mysterious death of her boyfriend during a fire, her parents send her off to a reform school because they don’t know how to handle what happened. Now that she’s a part of this school she notices that she is drawn to certain people and certain boys at her new school, and has the feeling that she knows them from somewhere, but doesn’t remember well. Her new friend, Arianne, is some what of a character and unlike anyone she has ever been friends with before. She also finds both, Cameron and Daniel, to be two attractive boys who she wants to find out more about. If going to reform school wasn’t bad enough imagine feeling and seeing things that you don’t understand.
Fallen by Lauren Kate was a crazy book. It was filled with so many twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. It was a book that you thought you knew exactly what was going on, but then all of a sudden something changed. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for another romance triangle, with some supernatural elements, and some fun twists and turns. Until next time,
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Wanderlust: Land Tours

This year, my mom and I did  a walking tour of Italy, which is something very different for us. We typically do cruises, or we’re in one city for a little bit of time. We decided to travel with a group, Traveling Together, which was good for us because it meant someone else was doing the planning for us once we got there. The leader of the group Barbara Spohn was phenomenal at keeping everyone together, and planning all of the tours, buses, and cities that we went to.
We had a blast because we were able to see so many places, and do so many things while on our trip that we probably would not have planned otherwise, or would have known what to do. The tour group also planned how much time we spent places, which was good because some places we didn’t need to spend a lot of time there though we probably would have thought that we should.
The cons of the tour is that you’re always moving, and you’re constantly packing and unpacking. I also was not mentally prepared for all of the early mornings that were involved. I’m used to cruising, where I get up late, and then lounge around all day. This, we were constantly on the move, which is not a bad things because I definitely felt like I saw everything that I needed to see. Often times we were also given a lot of free time in each city so that we could enjoy it by ourselves and not necessarily with the whole group.
wine selfie
Overall I enjoyed my time doing the tour. If I did it again, I would make sure that I wasn’t in school, an also be mentally prepared for the constant moving. I would definitely travel with Barbara and Jim again on Traveling Together tours. They are very organized and they get things done. Until next time
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