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The Cruel Prince, Holly Black

No one ever dreams of seeing their parents killed right in front of them. That is exactly what happened to Jude and her sisters Taryn and Vivvienne. A man they have never met before, Madoc, came into their home and killed both of their parents and then took the girls to raise them as his own. Madoc came in and did this because their mother was actually his bride
During their time in Fairy, Jude is trying to find her way into the society of Fairy, a place where humans are treated as less than dirt. Her goal is to be a part of the royal family’s generals, but her now step father is telling her that he will not endorse her in the games in order to get a spot among the royal family. Taryn, Jude’s twin sister is trying to find a way among the Fae in a different aspect. Taryn wants to blend in, not cause any trouble, and one day marry into a good fairy family and earn her way in that aspect. Vivienne, the only one who is truly Fae wants nothing to do with the fairy folk and wants to go back to the human world. Each of them want different things out of the Fairy world, but Jude is the only one willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants and survive, even if she does not always understand the consequences.
I honestly thought that The Cruel Prince was average. It got so much hype and I really only kind of enjoyed it. The overall story was average of a bad fairy, likes the human he’s not supposed to like and picks on her, but she doesn’t know why. The fairies were nothing spectacular and did not do much that humans couldn’t do other than live for a long time. I just overall was not impressed with this fantasy novel. There are a lot better ones out there in my opinion. I did a complete review with more thoughts on my BookTube Channel, which is linked below! Until next time,
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January 2018 Owlcrate “Fearsome Fairytales” Unboxing!

Hi everyone I’ve got another exciting Owlcrate box to show you and talk to you about today! January’s theme was Fearsome Fairytales and it was a good box. My favorite part of this box was the pillowcase and the book also sounded really amazing too. If you don’t want to read the post, I’ve done a full unboxing video on my Booktube channel that is linked here and down below!

Let’s dive into these amazing items!

Speaking of pillow case we got a beautiful Sleeping Beauty inspired full sized (fits a typical bed pillow) pillow case by Stella Bookish Art

We got Hanzel and Gretel Gingerbread smelling wax melts by Spireside. I’m not sure if they smell like gingerbread, but they definitely smell really sweet

Owlcrate made a wax/essential oil burner to go with the wax melts or any essential oils or aromatherapy oils you may have. It goes perfectly with the theme of this box

We got a handmade Rapunzel inspired bracelet by Author Adornements

And finally a collectible pin and postcard by Spykles

Our book for January was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! I have done a book review of it that will be linked here!!

What did you think of the January Fearsome Fairytales Box?! Until next time,

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