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April 2018 Owlcrate Unboxing

It is unboxing time! It’s time to talk about the April Owlcrate boxes. The theme for April was Shadows and Secrets, and it was filled with great items that made you want to go out and blend with the shadows to figure out someones secrets.  Below you’ll find a list of all of the items that were in the box, but if you just want to watch a video, my unboxing video is here and also down below!

  1. We got a full sized pillow case inspired by Crooked Kingdom and designed by Stella Bookish Art. You can find her designs on RedBubble and Society 6 and also follow her on Instagram
  2. Some great Deadly Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt coffee by Bones Coffee Company
  3. Some pencils in order to manage our mischief inspired by Harry Potter designed by Jubilee Designs Studio
  4. A vinyl sticker inspired by The Young Elites illustrated Jamila Mehio
  5.  A beautiful and deliciously smelling Wildberry Shadowhunter inspired soap by Soap Cauldron
  6. My favorite part of this box was a sample of Legendary by Stephanie Garber!
  7. As always there was a collectible pin and the corresponding postcard by @spykles


The book of the month was Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody, which was signed by her as well and we got a letter from Foody! Make sure to follow me on Instagram here to see closer pictures of the items, and you can watch my video to see my reactions to taking out these amazing items from the Shadows and Secrets Box! Let me know what you think, until next time,

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Book Reviews

Caraval, Stephanie Garber

Have you ever been in a situation that you just want to escape from? A bad home life or a bad relationship? Ever wanted to go to a place that was filled with magic, adventure, and that could possibly give you a new life? No such place exists, right? Donatella and Scarlett have been imagining changing their lives since their mother left, and for Scarlett that change could only be granted with the magic of Caraval, and the creator of Caraval, Legend. Scar and Tella have been hearing stories of Caraval since they were little girls told from their grandmother. Caraval is a place described with magic and wonder, a place where you can escape your realities and dive into your fantasies, but do not forget it is only a game.
Scarlett has been trying to get an invitation to Caraval ever since she heard about the magical place. When she finally obtains two invitations for her and her sister she wants to go, but their father stops them from leaving. Scar and Tella’s father has been controlling their lives ever since their mother left him. Tella, being the “wild child” finds a way to get off the island, which forces Scar to go after her because all she wants to do is protect her sister.  Tella’s antics also force Scar to team up with a random boy, Julian to try and go through the twists and turns of Caraval. Caraval is a game that is made by Legend that has grown into so much more than game for Legend and the players. As Scarlett has to try and find her sister, she finds out what it is like to be her own person and she finds who she truly is.
I thoroughly enjoyed Caraval by Stephanie Garber!! It was magnificent for a debut book! There was so much detail in every description, and there were so many different paths taken in the book that made it an amazing story. It made you feel like you were a participant in Legend’s game. I cannot wait for Garber to come out with a sequel to this one because you’re left with questions that need answers! If you’re looking for another wonderful, magical adventure, pick this one up because it is a magnificent story. Until next time,
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