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Don’t Bring Books to College!!

Why do people feel the need to bring books from home to college? I know when I went to college, I was not thinking about bringing books at all. I didn’t want to move with them, I didn’t want to pack them, and I didn’t want them to take up space in my already small dorm room. Did you feel like you should bring books to college? If so, what did you bring with you? If not, why didn’t you bring those books to college? In my video I talked about some more reasons why I don’t think you should bring books to college! Make sure to check it out, and subscribe to my channel! Until next time,

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The Mothers, Brit Bennett

– Short Story – 

Nadia Turner is a smart girl from California with big ambitions, but with her mother’s unexpected suicide she finds herself in a state of depression and unable to talk to her father. Nadia begins to hang out with Luke Sheppard, a former star football player that had his career cut short with a leg injury and the Pastor’s son. The two begin to spend more time together and begin their own romance, that they believe is one built in love. When an unexpected pregnancy occurs, money exchanged, someone is left alone at the doctors office, and then the pregnancy is no longer there, the secret ends their relationship. Nadia has no idea where Luke got the money from, but she knows that she can’t tell her dad about it and has to keep it a secret. Her father has always been dedicated to the church, and whenever they need to use his truck, he is there to help with whatever task. After the abortion, Nadia decides to go out and party and takes her dad’s truck. On her way home after drinking, she crashes the truck. Her father is not an emotional man, but this was the one thing that could hurt him secondary to his wife’s suicide. Mr. Turner has no idea what to do with Nadia, until the Pastor stops by and says that his wife is willing to allow Nadia to help her in the church.
While working in the church, she meets her soon to be best friend Aubrey, someone who has been through as much, if not more than Nadia, but has found solace in the church. As soon as their relationship is growing, it is time for Nadia to leave for college at the University of Michigan. Nadia has the ability to reinvent herself, instead of hiding from her past. She leaves Aubrey and Luke, but there are still some questions as to what if they had kept the baby? What if she had not become friends with Aubrey? What did the Mother’s of the church know about what happened to her mother, or about her? The three of them find themselves growing up, and in the midst of a love-triangle filled with a lot of what ifs.

– My Thoughts

I personally have mixed reviews of this book. I liked it, but I did not love it. I feel like it was supposed to bring up so many more topics on a deeper level, but that did not happen. It could be because I was reading it over an extended amount of time, and had to pick it up and put it down. I did not feel like I was reading a story that I have not already read before. I wanted there to be a deeper level of the story. I think it is a fantastic debut novel by Brit Bennett, and if she writes more in the future I would still read them because I think that she writes beautifully.  Let me know what you thought of the novel! Until next time,
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Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

fangirlCath is a girl who doesn’t necessarily like change. She has a hard time being amongst others in the real world, but what most don’t know is that she is completely unstoppable in the Fanfiction that she loves to write. For her fans she has kept going one of the most read book series of their time alive. With thousands of fans she found a place that is hers. While her first year at college everything is out place, her twin sister doesn’t want to be around her anymore, and is finding new friends, she doesn’t know how to be with her roommate, and her roommate’s boyfriend.
Oddly, I was surprised by this novel. I thought it was going to be so corny, I mean a girl who rights Fanfiction, mixed with a love story? It was not that at all. It was beautifully woven into something that talked about change, growing up, becoming more than we are, and learning what it is like to let others love you as well. I highly recommend reading Fangirl. Until next time,
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