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Owlcrate March 2018 Unboxing

This Across the Galaxthemed Owlcrate was absolutel out of this world! (see what I did there! okay awkward jokes over) But seriously this box featured some amazing items, and inspired me to read The Illuminae Files, which I absolutely loved. So before I keep gushing, let’s get down to what was in this box. There is also an unboxing video that you can find down below!

  1. A candle by “Wick and Fable”, there were two different scents sent out, and I received Kady Grant, which has an orange sent to it
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop was sent out and multiple ones were sent of this as well. I received Yondu!
  3. If you don’t have a bookmark by Lexy Olivia you are missing out. You can find her Etsy shop here    This bookmark features the most renowned quote from the Star Wars saga
  4. We also received a gorgeous purple galaxy print infinity scarf that was made by Owlcrate. This has to be one of my favorite items
  5. Finally we received a mug with a quote from the Lunar Chronicles designed by Sasha Natasha

Can we talk about the book for a second?! The book is stained with PURPLE PAGES!! You have no idea how excited I was to see  Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston, with this already amazing cover have stained pages as well. They look absolutely phenomenal.

You can find up close pictures of these items on my Instagram page as well as see them in my unboxing video! I hope you enjoyed this box as much as I did! What was your favorite item, I can’t wait to hear them. Until next time,

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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles), Marissa Meyer

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!
Cress has been living in this satellite away from Lunar for what feels like a lifetime. Even though she is stranded without human or Lunar contact she is supposed to keep tabs on everything happening on Earth. Well, according to Mistress she is supposed to for the Lunar Queen. To Cress the, everything is not so black and white, and she makes the decision to help Cinder and Scarlet even though they don’t know her… yet.
I still have continued to enjoy this series, and seeing where it takes you! All the twists and turns, and the continued growth of all of the characters. I highly recommend you keep going through the series. I cannot wait for he next book to come out in the series! I read some bad reviews on, Fairest, so I will probably read that closer to when Winter comes out in the fall! Until next time,
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